women's christmas nightie australia christmas pjs

In case you missed it, we have designed the cutest Women’s Christmas Nightie!

This is something we have had in the pipeline for quite some time, and after much demand we decided to add the most festive Xmas Nightie to our range of Christmas PJs.

Covered head to toe in our popular Jolly Gingerbread print, meaning you can wear a Christmas Nightie and still rock matching Christmas Pyjamas with the family as we have this pattern in summer sets for Men, Women and Children.

Above is an example of our Men's summer set and our women's nighty.

If matching Christmas PJs isn’t your thing but you still want to rock family Christmas Pyjamas, you can always mix it up so you have different prints.

Shop our range of gorgeous Christmas PJs in Australia now. 

November 03, 2023 — Becky Bouterey