Hi Christmas lovers, we’re Becky and Alisha ... two sisters and the founders of Christmas PJs NZ/AU.

As lifelong Christmas enthusiasts, we have always loved the festive season and all the fun and excitement it brings. So, when we struggled to find matching family Christmas PJs and Jumpers for our family back in 2017, we decided to create our own brand! Back then if you wanted a Christmas Sweater or Christmas PJs you had to buy them from America or Europe, and they cost a small fortune.

We worked hard to find quality fabrics, designs and manufacturers, and eventually launched Christmas PJs NZ/AU in time for Christmas 2018. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our range, offering a wide variety of styles and designs for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re opening presents on Christmas morning in your matching PJs, snuggling up watching Christmas movies under our Christmas blanket or looking at Christmas lights in your jumpers, our exclusive products are sure to add a touch of magic to your family's Christmas traditions.

If you are like us and enjoy all things Christmas then take a look at our range.

Much love and Christmas cheer – Alisha and Becky xx

”Getting you into the festive spirit!”

Alisha (left) and Becky (right) at our 2021 Christmas photoshoot 

Becky (left) and Alisha (right) - Our very first Christmas photoshoot 2018 

Us (3 sisters), our parents and Grandparents  - Our very first Christmas photoshoot 2018